Beer can on wheels...

Here is a 1975 Airstream Trade Wind land yacht!  My client brought it to me newly gutted with a fresh coat of purple paint.  The powder room, which she insists on keeping, is in the rear.  Her list of needs started something like this:  "Nothing fussy, I won't tell anyone you did this"..... Here is where the project gets challenging:  All the design and build out must be completed within 80 hours and the materials would be provided by her.  She has a 40' shipping container filled with scrap plywood.  Shards in every shape, species, and dimension.  As I draw closer to the deadline, I'm beginning to wonder if I will make it....

...Well, I was able to complete the trailer in the allotted time.  Now it is off to get fitted with cushions, lights and plumbing fixtures.  So long my friend.  I will miss you.