My company specializes in small renovations, decorative concrete, furniture, art, and design consultation.  We aim to produce a highly finished product that is uniquely tailored to each client, their needs and personality.  Our hope is that the environments we create and the art that we make, enrich our clients lives and daily experience.  We want to challenge, provoke, stimulate and excite while providing a product that is both ideal and appropriate.




Our Story

I have had a long and varied career as an artist and maker.  In the beginning, when I was working in a foundry, I fell in love with the atmosphere and rituals of the shop.  Out of that sooty, smoke filled, hot cinderblock box we churned our bright and shiny curiosities.  This simple act of creation has held my interest for all this time - the notion of making something out of nothing: a pile of sand, some wooden tools, fire and a pot of ingot.



Mound and Master, cut contact paper on wall 10x10'